Eco Tips: November

ecoyogaNovember has become synonymous with gratitude and giving thanks. There are actually traditional yoga paths that focus entirely on “karma” (action) and “seva” (service.) Nothing makes us feel better, and brings joy to others, like the gift of giving freely from a place of thankfulness. Try one or more of these tips every day or each week in the month ahead.

1. Make a gratitude list: this is a simple and powerful way to change your mindset and view the world from a brighter place.

2. Donate your money: there are so many amazing causes, both locally (like Treepeople or Project Angelfood) and beyond (doctors without borders, the Red Cross) that are in need of funding. You can donate any amount right from your computer to help those in need!

3. Donate your time: Adopt a street, beach, park, join a group that does clean-ups or just bring an extra bag to your favorite outings and pick up trash. You can also volunteer at local shelters and non-profits.

4. Donate your things: Giving canned goods, old clothing, blankets and more to local shelters is another easy way to be of service.

5. Pay it forward: Buy the coffee of the person behind you. Give a yoga class to our donation series. Pay for someone’s meal. Anywhere you go, whatever you do, you can find a way to spread kindness, compassion and love to your fellow human beings.