Eco Tips: July

Summer is here and in full swing! As yogis, we want to find balance in every season on every level.


Here are some ways to stay healthy, aware and happy in the long days and hot nights:

1. Drink lots of filtered water, as well as herbal iced tea or coconut water, rather than sugary or alcoholic beverages. This will keep you hydrated and clear headed! Check this site for ideas:

2. The sun is hottest between 10am and 2pm. Be mindful to wear long sleeves, hats or use sun block, as well as keep kids and pets shaded and cool. Try to minimize energy and water usage in your home during these times, too. This is a great time of day to nap, practice gentle stretching or read.

3. Summer often means traveling and adventure. Try using a non-toxic, natural bug repellant such as lavender or citronella oil or make your own:

We wish everyone a safe and beautiful summer. Namaste!