Eco Tips: August

As we move into the last month of summer, it’s important to take time to appreciate nature. With the heat and busy schedules, it is easy to hang out indoors and in the AC, but as yogis, being on the earth in a conscious way is healing, both for us and the planet.


Here are some eco-yogi tips for enjoying the outdoors:

*Get to the beach: Bring an extra trash bag. Enjoy the sand, surf and take a long walk, picking up some trash as you go, to leave the beach better than when you found it.

*Get under the tree: We are surrounded by beautiful trees! Whether picnicking or camping, explore the “zero waste” idea and see how many re-usable items to can bring; some simple tools are pack food in Tupperware, bring cloth napkins and traditional silverware. Make some homemade lemonade or ice tea in a glass container and bring glasses rather than plastic. Leave your spot the way you found it, or better!

*Get under the stars: The desert is just as close as the trees and sea and is such a beautiful place to experience the stars and summer plants. Think about picking up trash and being zero waste, as well as having a deeper experience by not having a fire… what? No fire? No fire, no fire threat, no excess water used to put it out! There is no experience more magical than being in nature under the natural light of moon and stars, like our ancestors. Try it out, you may find yourself with a new appreciation for the dark.

Wishing you a beautiful last month of summer!