Dualities by Christy Marsden

Happy November!

I hope you had a great weekend filled with lots of treats and maybe some fun tricks as well!

The nights are getting longer and even more so this coming weekend when the time changes. I have always been such a lover of the light. Bright, sunny days that seem to go on forever are when I feel the most alive, productive and happy. However, what I have learned (after many, many years) is that the dark is just as important as the light. As much as I try to keep the light going for as long as possible, eventually I burn out and must accept the darkness.

According to yoga philosophy, one of the reasons we do asana and practice embodying the dual qualities of effort and ease in each posture is so that we can handle the dualities of life, such as the light and the dark. We do a backbend as we inhale, and we fold forward as we exhale. We open and we close, breathing in and breathing out. The more we practice this, the more we come to understand that all of life is a pulsation between seemingly opposite forces and that it is all a part of the same wave. The inhale and exhale are not separate…they are one breath. We do the practice to remember that ALL of it is part of life. We can embrace the things we like and label as ‘good’ and resist the things we don’t like and label as ‘bad’ therefore increasing our suffering or we can accept both as a part of life with as much grace as we can.

Of course it certainly doesn’t mean that we do yoga and everything gets easier, but rather, we do yoga and we are better equipped to respond more appropriately to life as it happens rather than simply reacting to each moment.

Yoga has a lot of amazing benefits but this one is the main reason I show up and practice even when I don’t want to or don’t feel like it. Life is filled with a host of experiences and if I can get better at my responses to those experiences whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’ then my life will be filled with less reactivity and more gratitude and appreciation for what it means to be here, now.

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Thank you for being a part of the Blend….we so appreciate you!

With infinite love and gratitude…