I hope you are having a great month and enjoying the gifts that this time of year brings with it. Speaking of this time of year, if we are not careful, it is easy to get out of our regular routine and find ourselves feeling depleted. The sugar, alcohol, parties, late nights, obligations, colder weather and travel can easily lead us away from the holiday cheer and into the holiday blahs.

As most of you know, a consistent yoga practice can award us with many benefits from a calmer mind to a more strong and flexible body. One of the main results of a yoga practice is cultivation of the quality of detachment (vairagya). I was always confused by this word as I mistakenly took it to mean I didn’t care. It wasn’t until many years into my practice that I started to understand what detachment means in the context of a yoga practice and what a valuable and much welcome benefit to my practice and therefore my everyday life it was and still is.

My a-ha moment around this word is when I was told to think of it as de-linking. We spend our entire day linking with things; people, conversations, work, feelings, the news, food, driving, etc. We link with what is before us. Then we go to the next thing. Inherently, there is nothing wrong with this as it is how our mind works and what makes it so powerful. It only becomes a problem when we move on to the next thing before de-linking from what we did before. As a result, we may find ourselves thinking about one thing and doing another. Perhaps we blow up at our partner because of the bad day we had at work. We are still linked with what happened prior, therefore cannot establish a clean link with our parter. Or perhaps we are so busy linking with our imagined future, that we cannot focus on and appreciate the present moment. This is when suffering starts to happen. The mind is linked with so many things that we get confused and can no longer distinguish between each of them which makes it difficult to figure out which one is causing a disturbance.

This is where yoga comes in. In fact, it is one of the keys to a consistent practice. With practice, detachment (or de-linking) happens. When we develop this ability, we are able to see what is before us more clearly. Being fully linked with one thing is much more manageable than being linked with 10 different things and trying to sort them all out. As a result of this one pointed linking, we feel less affected by what is before us or in other words, we are more detached.

With the holidays upon us, it is important to continue our practice in some shape or form so we develop this ability which will allow us to feel more connected and relaxed rather than confused and overwhelmed.

If you have always wanted to know more about the philosophy and practice of yoga but are not interested in teaching or you are not sure if you want to teach, you may be interested in our 50 hour immersion which is a stand alone program that allows for a deeper understanding of yoga without committing to a 200 hour training. Details here and please email or call us for more information as well!

Also, we have a lot of schedule changes throughout the holidays, as well as some special workshops, so please be sure and check it all out herehere.

Thank you for being a part of Yoga Blend. You are so appreciated.
No matter how you celebrate, wishing you a beautiful holiday season!

With infinite love and gratitude…