December Moon Musings by Bekah Turner

New Moon Tuesday 11/29
Full Moon Wednesday 12/14
New Moon Thursday 12/29

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” (Rumi)

The last month of 2016 opens with the waxing crescent moon already in the sky. December rules the longest nights of the year, leading us to winter solstice on 12/21, and so it is fitting that the universe offers us a cycle ruled by fire to sustain us through the darkness. This is not just any fire, but like a bonfire on a cold night. Imagine how many evenings our ancestors spent huddled around those life-giving flames, telling stories, drinking, eating, dancing, celebrating and surviving the cold winters.

Even if freezing is not a real threat to those of us in Burbank, we can still harness the expansive and generous nature of this lunar month and focus on the people, places and practices that light you up, warm your soul and give you a reason to love and live.

The full moon hits mid-month and encourages even more socializing and expressing our gratitude for the blessings of another year. This is a good phase for writing, reading, traveling and seeking out like-minded circles.

As we head into winter solstice, and the waning cycle, take some time for inner reflection and soul searching to release the year. This is not so much about resolution as it is intention. Give yourself time in the dark to surrender. Nourish yourself and honor the highs, lows and everything in between.

Just days before we ring in 2017, the new moon arrives with new determination and resolve to carry us forward into a brand new solar and lunar dance.

Bright blessings and gratitude,