December Featured Teacher: Jamie Ford

We are so proud of each & every one of our Yoga Blend teachers. This month, we featured our resident sound specialist, Jamie Ford!jamie-sound

What brought you to Los Angeles?:
Modeling – I started when I was 15 years old driving back and forth between 29 Palms and L.A. I finally moved here right after high school.

Most memorable thing I did in the last 12 months:
Sound Workshop in Seattle

What’s something your students don’t know about you?:
I was a gymnast growing up

Favorite places in LA: Too many to choose from! Yoga Blend is definitely one of the top ones though!

Childhood ambition: Teacher or astronaut

If I were an animal, I would be: A cheetah, or some other big cat

Proudest achievement: Doing what I love every single day and making it my “job”

If you could move anywhere, it would be…: I live exactly where I want to – at least for now. 🙂

Favorite food: Cheese.

My ‘signature dish’ when guests come over is: Kale salad

I rock out to: Thievery Corp, Damien Rice, Mumford and Sons, Desert Dwellers and much much more!

If you could go back in time, what would you say to your 20-year-old self? Follow your heart and speak your truth.