Cultivating your Authentic Self

I hope you’re having a great month so far!

Authenticity is a noble desire that most people can agree is something they try to be or at least would like to be.  Yet, regardless of how bad we want to be authentic and we know in our hearts that we would be happier if we were it more often, it is important to remember that authenticity is a practice and doing something we think is authentic can feel anything but.

For example, if someone has been negative and pessimistic their whole life, that is what will feel authentic to them. It is what they’ve practiced. Perhaps they really desire to be more positive. If so, they will often feel bad about themselves because being positive, which is the thing they are not doing but wish they were will feel inauthentic and being negative, which is the thing they are doing but wish they weren’t, will feel authentic.

Yet we are encouraged and greatly desire to be authentic. WHAT?!? Our wires are crossed.  And uncrossing them is no easy task.

Practicing a self-awareness discipline like yoga can help us to get a better sense of who it is we really want to be and what it is we want to be doing but even then, we will most likely continue to choose the thing we are used to…at least for awhile. Doing something different than what we are used to doing, even if we want it really bad, will not feel natural at first.  It will feel like the most inauthentic thing ever.  Until it doesn’t.  And according to yoga, it takes practice over a long time without interruption, with enthusiasm and a conviction that we can do it. It is not that we just decide to become or do something, we have to actually make it true through our efforts and trust that with time, our true self will emerge and become the new authentic.

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With infinite love and gratitude…