Creating Habits

Happy Month of May!!

One year ago, I committed to writing 3 pages a day…every day. And I did it! Every single day without fail, I wrote 3 pages. The concept is from the Artist’s Way which I did over 20 years ago and was going to go through it again last year but life happened so I decided to just write….every day. It’s called morning pages in the book and it’s simply stream of consciousness writing with no agenda.

It has been such an incredible experience to set the pen to paper every single day, no matter how I was feeling and what I was doing or where I was. This writing is not meant to be read again…in fact, that is highly discouraged. So I just wrote and wrote and wrote with no filter. Some days I would barely make it to 3, others I couldn’t stop after 6. I wrote every single day simply for the sake of writing.

This ritual has allowed me to process some pretty intense things. It has given me great ideas. It has given me the space to continually come back to all I am grateful for as well as a place to process the challenges I faced. It has shown me things I haven’t looked at since I was a little girl and given me glimpses of a future that has yet to unfold. The process of writing is a very powerful tool for self-reflection, awareness, and growth.

Now that I have made it a year and look forward to it every morning, I feel confident that it is a part of my life. The Yoga Sutra says when you add a practice you must commit to it fully, do it for a long time, without interruption, with conviction and enthusiasm. Over time, the practice will move from hard to easier to fun and eventually it becomes 2nd nature. Writing has definitely become 2nd nature to me.

If there is something that you long to do, just start. There will never be the ‘right’ time or ‘perfect’ circumstances. Just do it. Start today and trust that with practice it will get easier and eventually, it will be a part of who you are. This is how habits are formed and rituals are made.

We have some really wonderful workshops and events coming up this week and beyond. I am really excited to be co-leading a Heart Centered Workshop this Thursday night with my friend Ben Caron and I am looking forward to teaching the Free Intro to Yoga this weekend as well. If you know someone you want to introduce to yoga…send them to the studio on Saturday! Also, Vicki Noble will be at Yoga Blend this weekend. She is an incredible teacher, powerful healer and an amazing person. I always look forward to learning form her and am grateful to be able to spend the day with her on Sunday at the Blend. Information on all we have coming up is here.

With infinite love and gratitude…