Create Your Happiness

Yoga Blend, Burbank, Christy Marsden

Yoga Blend, BurbankHappy August! I hope you are enjoying your summer and that it is filled with lots of love, laughter, celebration and excellent food. We are just past the midway point between Summer and Fall known in earth based traditions as Lammas.  It is the time of reaping the first harvest which is an excellent time to check in, reflect upon and receive the benefits of the intentions, projects and seeds you have planted this year.

Life is up to us to create.  Beyond our basic survival needs, circumstances have very little to do with how happy we are.  Instead, our happiest self actually arises out of pursuing self-concordant goals.  The goals that we decide upon because they are important to us and because working towards those goals is something we enjoy are the ones that make all the difference in our ability to be well.  Even when times get tough while pursuing that goal, we don’t just give up.  We continue to water the seed, shed light upon it and fill it with love and energy on a consistent basis.  The outcome of the goal is not where the happiness lies.  Just having the goal and working towards it is where it’s at.  The goal is simply a means.  It is the journey that is the end.

It is easy to fall into the role of victim when life is not going the way we want. It is easy to blame everyone else for our pain or to imagine that if only some certain thing would happen, then we’ll be happy.  It is even easier to just give up or do nothing because we have learned to be helpless.  This was my life for so long.  But trying to control circumstances and outcomes, or blaming others for your plight or waiting for the future to find happiness rather than just moving towards your own heart song right now only leads to frustration and unhappiness.

In yoga, after getting rid of all of the external noise, we learn to draw our attention inward and consciously decide where to direct that harnessed attention.  Then we act the best way we know how with all the information and experience we have towards that chosen place.  Whatever happens will happen.  When we do something that has meaning for us that we also enjoy and apply the appropriate effort towards that something, the outcome will be whatever it will be and odds are we will still be happy.  Rather than feel that we are simply moving through life, we feel as if life is moving through us.  We get to decide how that ‘life’ comes out in the world.

What is your passion?  Your gift?  Your calling?  Are you giving attention to it on a regular basis?  Are you watering that seed of greatness? If not, perhaps ask yourself why.  Then go ahead and plant that thing that is in your heart and give it some attention, love and care.  Regardless of what happens, you will have learned so much along the way.  You will have grown and from that place, you can reap the harvest no matter what the actual end result because the journey is the destination.

We have so many wonderful events and workshops coming up to support you in consciously creating your life as well as how to navigate the obstacles along the way.   Please check it all out and thank you so much for being a part of Yoga Blend.

With infinite love & gratitude…