Conscious Rituals

I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend and are settling into the flow of Fall.   

As the energy shifts away from the more carefree vibe of Summer with its pervasive lightness and moves toward the more structured darkness of Fall, establishing a daily routine can really help with the transition and ground us in the present moment.  

Ritual has been around since the beginning of time. We are ritualistic beings by nature. You are likely doing rituals every day and may or may not realize it.  Waking up every morning and going for a walk, having a cup of coffee while reading the news, doing a regular yoga practice or meeting your friend every week for a lunch date are all rituals.

The key to the power of ritual is to make it conscious. Rather than just doing something out of habit or without real thought or care, a ritual is something done with consciousness. It will give attention to what is truly important and encourage us to feel more connected to our experience.  

Ritual can serve as an anchor in this vast sea of life.  It can help to make us feel secure and grounded so that we can navigate our way through the tumultuous waters of life without getting lost at sea and losing sight of what is important to us.

Even something simple like taking a few minutes to write down or state an intention for the day, or taking a few deep breaths before a walk and committing to really noticing the world around us as we walk, or offering a simple moment of gratitude before we eat can go a long way to help us feel more steady and focused for what is to come.

with infinite love and gratitude…
christy marsden