Happy February! I hope your month is off to a great start. It has been so wonderful seeing so many of you around the studio the past few days which has had me thinking a lot about and feeling really grateful for our community.

I saw a quote recently that I cannot seem to find again so I don’t remember exactly what it said or who said it but I do remember that the essence of it was this: It is quite possible that the new guru is community. I couldn’t agree more!

Living in Nashville part of the time now, I have a greater appreciation than I ever have for community. When I walk in the doors of Yoga Blend after being gone for several weeks, I feel at home. It doesn’t matter if I know someone or not…we are there together in a place we are choosing to be for what it offers us. That is the wonderful thing about community. We may know some people, others we may just recognize but have never talked to and others we may never even see, but it doesn’t matter. We all share the same space for a reason that is important to us, regardless of how different those reasons may be, and there is great comfort in that.

Sometimes, we may come in feeling down and just a smile, hello or hug from someone can lift us up. Or we can come in and not feel social at all. We want to just do our practice and leave…and that is ok too. We guide each other and learn from each other. We inspire each other. We grow together and we celebrate our successes. We offer a hand, an ear or a shoulder when times are tough. We laugh together, we work hard together and we relax together. We chant, we sing and we cry together. The hope is that no matter what we need at any given time, the community is there to uphold us and offer support. Sounds like a great guru to me!

I am so grateful to be a part of this community and although I may have created Yoga Blend and held the container for the past 11 years…it doesn’t mean anything without YOU. It is each and every student who comes to Yoga Blend that creates the community. Together, we are the guru for a new world: a word of compassion, support, inspiration, encouragement, understanding, strength, flexibility, celebration, peace and love.

In honor of this amazing community, we are offering an 11 day, 11 event immersion to celebrate 11 years of Yoga Blend. Details about this exciting adventure here. Come to one or come to all. My intention is to attend all 11 days. I hope I get to practice with you!

With infinite love and gratitude…