I hope you are have a great month so far! As I mentioned at the first of the month, September is Yoga Month which is a great time to commit or re-commit to your yoga practice. The past few weeks, I have been re-committing to my practice in a whole new way.

If you saw my practice from the outside, it wouldn’t look like much. But from the inside, my practice is deepening in ways that I never expected and this is such a great lesson for me.

Things aren’t always what they seem and when we attach ourselves to form, or to things looking a certain way, we will inevitably suffer because the nature of form is change. Every ‘thing’ is changing. We are changing, the circumstances around us are changing, the weather is changing, relationships are changing and our practice is changing. Life is change. If we think our practice has to include certain things or specific poses or that it requires a certain amount of effort or time, what happens when we are unable to do those things? Do we not practice? Do we judge our practice? Do we give up because we can no longer fit into our predefined notion of what a practice should look like? Do we suffer because we can no longer do the things we love so much?

One of the goals of a yoga practice is to reduce suffering. However, it can very easily be the cause of it if we are not mindful and fully present to what is, letting go of resistance to what we don’t want and allowing the truth of the moment to enter us. In other words, we must learn acceptance. And often times through this acceptance, we transform in deep and profound ways, which often leads us to more joy and it’s the kind of joy that comes from within and not from our external circumstances.

One of the ways to practice letting go of resistance and moving into acceptance is by paying attention to the breath, not just when you are doing poses, but when you are doing anything. Breathing consciously is a practice and it is one that can deepen your experience to everything in your life by bringing you more fully into the moment while allowing you to let go of resistance.

Just like anything, it takes practice. It doesn’t matter if you find yourself drifting away from the breath and out of the moment a million times, just keep bringing it back. Over and over again. This is what true commitment is about. So whatever it is you have committed to, keep at it…you’ve got this!

I am looking forward to being back at Yoga Blend in just a couple of weeks for the 300 hour teacher training and I hope to see you around the studio. I will also be teaching Monday nights on 9/28 and 10/5. Then it’s off to Hawaii for our annual Chakra retreat. In addition to this, we have so many wonderful workshops, classes and events coming up, so please check it all out here!

With infinite love and gratitude…