Choose Your Focus by Christy Marsden

Happy December!

I hope all is well with you and yours.

With all the craziness in the world it is easy to get distracted from what is truly important. We can drift into frustration, anxiety, fear, anger or a host of other, not so pleasant emotions.

In Yoga philosophy there is a sutra that I have been using in my practice to help me stay connected in body, breath and mind, YS 1.33. When we drift out of a state of yoga or union, this sutra offers a practical way to come back to center. It offers 4 simple ways to settle our mind and remain focused on what is important to us.

One, we can celebrate those who are happy even when we don’t feel like celebrating. Maybe they are doing something we really wish we were doing, or they achieve something that we would like to achieve. Rather than feeling envy or bitterness, we can celebrate with them and allow ourselves to be enriched by their happiness.

Two, we can seek to help those who are suffering more than us by volunteering, mentoring or in whatever other ways you feel called to help. Focusing on others and being of service helps to draw us out of our own suffering.

Three, we can support those who are doing things that we believe in. I have been donating to all sorts of causes lately that I feel are in alignment with what I want to see in the world such as to friends heading up campaigns to make the world a better place and organizations fighting for our rights.

And number four is to have compassion for but remain detached from those doing things that are harmful or that we do not believe in. Meaning, we do not give them our time or our focus. By constantly focusing on that what we do not want, support or believe in we are giving away our energy to those very things which can take away valuable time and energy from the other 3 above.

This does not mean be in denial but rather choose to give the majority of our focus to what we DO want and what we DO believe in, rather than what we DON’T!

And what I DO want is to continue to co-create an amazing community with you all! Someone I truly support is my friend, Ben Caron who is an excellent songwriter and musician. He will be performing a live acoustic set in our Wellspring Event on Dec 11th which incorporates music, yoga, sound healing and ecstatic movement. He is an amazing person with a big heart and is set on changing the world for good. I’m a big fan of anyone doing that! His music is heart-centered, uplifting and sure to bring a lot of light into Yoga Blend. I am super excited to have him here. Please check out the details here.

And finally, we have so many other wonderful events coming up, including our annual Holiday party on the 10th so please check it all out here. Clark and I hope to see you when we are in town next week!

With infinite love and gratitude…