Change Is Always Happening

Happy August!

It seems the summer just began and now, here we are just past the mid point between summer and fall, steadily heading towards longer nights. The weather, as if on cue here in Nashville, has totally started to change. As we know, the only thing we can really count on in life is that it is always changing.

Change can be very welcome, exciting and a cause for celebration. It can also be unsettling, frustrating and stressful. Regardless if we perceive it as positive or negative, change is always happening so we might as well prepare the best we can to navigate it with more ease.

A sign of a good yoga practice is that it helps us adapt to change. Through our practice, we move our body in different shapes and focus our attention on our breath so we can notice the subtle changes and adjust our posture, thoughts or attitude so the breath may flow more freely.

We can trust that we are on the right track when we feel we can remain focused yet relaxed as we adapt to the changes that are occurring moment to moment and find contentment even though we might be a bit uncomfortable. This applies to the shapes we take and the sounds we make whether on or off the mat.

I am very excited to share so much of what I love about this practice in a Yoga off the Mat, Philosophy of Yoga workshop next Saturday the 12th. If you love the practice and want to know more about how it works, come join us. I’ll also being leading another Heart Lead the Way with my amazing open hearted friend, Ben Caron on the 17th, a Free Intro to Yoga on the 19th and Vinyasa Flow on the 21st. I am thrilled to be back in town and teaching next week. I hope to see you at one of the above or just around the studio!

We have so many other amazing workshops and offerings in the next few months so please check it all out here.

With infinite love and gratitude…