Celebrate with us!

I hope you are doing well and making space in your life for the people and things you love!

As I have mentioned and as you may have seen around the studio, Yoga Blend will be celebrating 11 years next week! When I first opened the studio, I never really thought beyond the first few years. I just knew that I wanted to create a community so we could share in the life changing practice of yoga together. I often say that yoga helps me do everything else in my life better and because of that I wanted to practice as much as possible and I wanted to surround myself with people who wanted to practice too. And now, here we are 11 years later.

In reflecting on this anniversary and how to celebrate, I felt the best way to honor this practice would be to…well…practice and what would make it the most powerful would be to practice together. So starting this Wednesday February 24th, we will embark on an 11 day immersion together. The number 11 is considered a master spiritual number that supports integration and balance because of the 1 and 1 coming together to create a whole. The practice offers ways for us to find balance in all areas of our lives: in work and play; mind and body; masculine and feminine; dark and light; effort and ease. It is the integration of seemingly opposite forces into one. We practice this with each inhale and exhale. We practice to find balance so that we become the master of our own lives.

In order to deepen our understanding of anything, we have to practice. There is no getting around this part. And we need to do it for a long time, without interruption, with enthusiasm and conviction to truly understand the value of what it is we are practicing. This 11 day immersion is an opportunity to deepen our practice with consistency, intention, connection and enthusiasm. Where could you use balance in your life? Bring that intention into this experience and let’s practice to make it so. Join us for the entire 11 days or just pop in when you can. I look forward to practicing with you!

For details on the immersion and all of our other workshops and events, please see here.

With infinite love and and gratitude…