Balancing the duality of life

Yoga Blend, Burbank, Christy Marsden

Christy Marsden1Happy middle of the month! I’ll be honest, I have been struggling about what to write for this newsletter so I decided to just start with being okay with being uninspired. As we all know very well, life is wonderful, beautiful and sweet in so many ways and completely challenging, sad and frustrating in many others. Sometimes we feel great and other times we feel awful. Sometimes ‘good’ things happen and sometimes ‘bad’ things happen. Sometimes we’re in the mood to dance and other times we just want to lie on the couch. Sometimes we have something to share and other times we prefer to be quiet. And most of the time, this is all happening simultaneously. This is the truth of life and it can be quite dramatic.

Life is always changing and so are we. We need something to help us adapt to this change. When we get caught up in the extremes of life, it creates imbalance and when we stay out of balance it affects us physically, mentally and emotionally and over time can create dis-ease.

So, how do we deal with this drama of duality? By paying attention to the breath in our yoga practice. The inhale and the exhale. One extreme to the other. All within one cycle. When we practice breathing and moving together, it helps us to balance these opposing forces and find harmony in the center no matter what our body is doing. So by giving attention to the breath which contains both extremes, we get better at handling extremes. Tada!

So, today, when I didn’t feel inspired, I decided to stop forcing it and just move and breath. Dealing with duality in one complete breath. And it worked. This is why I do yoga.

With infinite love & gratitude…