Balancing Opposites

Life is such mystery.  One big beautiful mystery.  One minute we are laughing, one minute we are crying and the next we feel numb.  This is it.  This is the human experience.  The full range of what it means to be alive is available right here.  Right now.  There is nothing that happens that is not a part of life.

Yoga is many things to many people and every reason for embarking on a yoga journey is a valid one.  I started yoga for low back pain and it certainly helped with my low back pain.  And so much more.

According to the Philosophy of Yoga, the physical postures are meant to contain two seemingly opposite qualities, sthira and sukha;  steadiness and ease.  What makes a pose an asana is the ability to have these qualities in the body, breath and mind. It’s overall attitude in the posture. When asana is done mindfully, linked with the breath it is said to help us to reconcile this crazy dualistic existence we find ourselves in here on Earth.  Finding the place in the center of what seem to be opposites and the recognition of both as part of the totality of existence without getting addicted to one or trying to avoid the other is what the practice says it will help us to do. Hooray!  Of course, easier said than done.

But we just simply practice by linking the inhale with the exhale as we move while keeping our mind focused on doing just that.  With each breath, we come back to center. They seem to be opposites, but they are actually part of the same breath.  One breath, two parts.  One life, two extremes.  Left side, right side.  Inhale, exhale. Expansion, contraction. Warm up, cool down.  Active, passive.  It’s all in the practice.  We just have to do it.  And trust.

Your practice can be for fitness or serenity or healing an injury or opening your heart or connecting to spirit.  It is yours to decide and it is a personal journey.  Regardless, the hope is that it will help you deal with what it means to be alive. It is certainly why I keep showing up after almost 20 years of practice.

I just lost a very dear friend.  My practice is helping me cope with that reality.  I am ever grateful for my yoga practice and that you choose Yoga Blend to be a part of yours.

We have lots of amazing things happening at the Blend, including our 10 Year Anniversary Party on March 4th!  WHAT?!?!?!  So excited to celebrate a decade of awesome with you. Come see us for part or all of the night. Details on the workshops & events page here on the website.

With infinite love and gratitude…