Happy February!

I hope you are having a great start to your year and if you set them, that your intentions, goals and/or resolutions are going well and bringing you greater health and happiness.

When I first started yoga, I was pretty frustrated with how far I felt I had to go in my life with regards to where I wanted to be physically, emotionally, in my work, diet, relationships, behaviors, health, etc.

I remember expressing this to a teacher and her saying to me that at first, the awareness alone is enough. She said to start by simply observing and becoming aware of the things I do every day; eat, move, breath, think, speak, listen, respond, etc. She said through the process of observation, change will begin to occur, no matter how subtle it may be and that if I found something particularly bothersome, eventually through practice, I would likely be motivated to take action to facilitate quicker change.

It may take a long time for some people to change and it might be very quick for others. And of course, there are others that will never change even though they want something different. We are all so very different in our desire for and rate of change. But eventually by paying attention, subtle shifts will start to take place. It might just be a new thought at first. Then perhaps it leads to a new action.

Let me be clear. For me, the process was very slow. At the time, I was a ‘very slow to change’ kind of person. I wanted change and I was aware of it…for a short time. Then I would turn the other way and pretend it wasn’t there because change is HARD. But eventually I would look at it again, and over time, a LONG time, I started to shift.

If we cannot ‘see’ the problem, how can we change it? By becoming aware of something and how it affects us, we can start to see if what we are doing is something that still serves us and make a decision on whether or not to make a change.

Our practice is the perfect opportunity to become more aware. We put our attention on the way we breathe, step forward, engage our muscles, relax our jaw or where our thoughts go while doing those things. We focus on the process of discovery and become more aware. This increases our ability to pay attention. And paying attention is one of the greatest skills we can develop in order to change what is not working and live a more authentic life.

Be where you are and notice. Is it where you want to be? Keep watching, keep observing and trust that the change is already happening on a subtle level. Then, when you are ready, you will already be that much closer to where you wish to be because you have been paying attention all along and your actions will have started to shift and you might not have even noticed because it was subtle, over time, with curiosity, dedication and a willingness to slow down and pay attention.

We love offering you a blend of ways to explore your practice and have lots of great stuff coming up to support you in your journey. Please check it all out here.

Thank you for being you!

With infinite love and gratitude…