August Featured Teacher: Susan Quon

Susan Quon, Yoga Blend, Burbank

What brought you to Los Angeles? I’m a native daughter of Los Angeles. My grandfather came to California in the 1890’s to work on the railroads in Northern California, Sacramento or the “2nd City” as it was known to the Chinese contract laborers. San Francisco was the “1st City.”

Dad came to Los Angeles with his cousins to work as cooks at the resorts of Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear, Hemet, and the San Jacinto Valley. Mom shortly followed.

My favorite thing about LA is… the Hollywood Bowl. Music, stars overhead, picnics with good friends and family. A great evening out.

Favorite food: Anything fresh, organic is even better.

My signature dish is… One pan cooking of anything, skillet lasagna is a great stand by for busy times. Also wild about puff pastries – a real weakness – with blueberries or peaches is really nice for the summer.

If I were an animal I’d be… a hummingbird, brave, gracious, migrating the world.

Childhood ambition: Remains the same, have fun with whatever you do and don’t take yourself too seriously. Always good to laugh at yourself FIRST!

Proudest achievement: Is yet to come. Never stop learning new tricks, new things, making new friends.

I rock out to… Classical music, although guitar and piano are all great too.

I’m looking forward to… the changes of the Seasons in the year to come and new discoveries.

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