August Featured Teacher: Courtney Sauls

Burbank, Yoga Blend, CourtneyHometown: Houston, Texas.

What brought you to Los Angeles? I moved to Los Angeles from New York to pursue acting 8 years ago this month!

My favorite thing about LA is… This little place called Yoga Blend. Ever heard of it? It has the best people and I always leave feeling wonderful. It literally changed my life.

Most memorable thing I did in the last 12 months: I went to the Sundance Film Festival this year to support a film I was in! It was the first time I’ve ever seen myself on the big screen! It was AWESOME!

Favorite food: Cheese! I’ve been experimenting with veganism for a few weeks and the hardest thing for me to resist is cheese. It’s SO good! Why is it SO good?!??! Ack!

My ‘signature dish’ when guests come over is: My kale salad! Kale massaged in olive oil and lemon with avocado, cashews, almonds, cranberries, shaved Parmesan (yum!) and red onion dressed with balsamic vinaigrette So simple but so delish!

If you could go back in time, what would you say to your 20-year-old self? Be patient. Enjoy every moment of this journey. I spent so much of my twenties disappointed in myself, frustrated that I wasn’t where I thought I should be in life. What a waste of youthful energy! Ha!

Weird quirk, if any: I’m a little OCD so I keep a small towel in the bathroom to wipe the sink after I use it. Every time. I also can’t go to sleep if the pillows on the couch aren’t placed exactly right. I also make my bed everyday. No matter what. Even if I’m running late. I make Jeff do these things as well. Poor guy! I guess there are worse things.

I rock out to: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Yeah!

In the year ahead, I’m looking forward to… Whatever life has to offer! I have a feeling it’s good stuff!

Join Courtney for Basics on Tuesdays at 10am; Heated Flow + Vinyasa Flow on Wednesdays, and Mixed Level on Fridays at 12pm.
Also, join her and Susan Quon for FREE Intro to Yoga on 
Saturday, August 23rd 2014, 1:30pm to 3pm.