I hope your month is off to a great start!

As I was thinking about what to write this morning, the word commitment kept coming to mind. If we want something that we don’t have it usually doesn’t just magically appear in our life simply by wishing for it. When it does, be grateful and celebrate because it is a rare thing indeed. What is usually required is a commitment and the ability to follow through with concrete action.

The very first word of the Yoga Sutras is Atha which translates as Now and implies a commitment. Now begins my journey towards…

Atha is like a call to action. Pay attention. Something important is to follow. Atha. Now is the time to practice or begin. Now is the only moment there is to start living the life of your dreams; to start writing or to stop being negative or to be more kind or to start practicing yoga or to start eating healthy. Whatever it is, now is the time to begin.

I spent a lot of my life using the “when such and such happens, then I will begin or change” tactic. All that did for me was put off my dreams and desires into a non-existent future making for a very unfulfilling present. Yoga is what helped me to realized that the moment of power is always now.

We can wait until the stars line up, or the weather is right or when we have the money or the time, or when our family goes out of town or when we get the right job, or when we feel better or we can just start NOW. Atha.

After several weeks away, I am excited to be back in town next week and am looking forward to teaching Vinyasa Flow and Stretch on Monday the 19th and the Heart Lead the Way Workshop with my drear friend Ben Caron on June 20th.

We have lots amazing things happening at the Blend, so please check it all out here.

With infinite love and gratitude…