Aquarius Full Moon: One Mind

bekah head shotFixed energy has one job and that is to sustain. The fixed signs, Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius, are what hold the world together. They are the four sides to the square of stability in our lives. This is not an easy task with mutable energy swirling around and Cardinal energy starting things up. I think this trio is best described using Hindu mythology where there are three Gods, Brahma, the creator (cardinal) Vishnu, the preserver (fixed) and Shiva, the destroyer (mutable.) We are reminded that all three are part of the divine plan and in order for life to continue, we must have this undulation of creating, sustaining and destroying.

The earth’s year follows this cycle:  We start with a cardinal cycle, where the season is created, months ruled by Capricorn/Aries/Cancer/Libra, then we sustain the energy, months ruled by Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius and then we “destroy” it to make way for the new season, courtesy of Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces.

Right now we are being called to hold the space. Leo is fixed fire which contains the power of fire, the spirit. Leo’s partner is Aquarius, fixed air. Air is mental energy but Aquarius, being stable, represents much more than just the every day brain. Aquarius is the high mind, the cosmic consciousness, the universal connection. Under no sign is there a better chance of uniting the power of thought than Aquarius.

We need that right now.

This past weekend I was celebrating Lammas, the holy day between Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox. Lammas is another mid-point, a check in with the high energy of the season. It occurred to me as I sat in circle that if we all just remembered, just for a moment, that we are connected, that every single one of us on this planet, no matter how different we are physically, emotionally, spiritually, if we all just had the thought that we were all connected, related by the first cell that ever lived on this planet, that things could change really fast.

Our thoughts are constantly flowing and shifting. Sometimes they are silly but sometimes they are powerful. Most of the suffering in this world is due to a thought; the thought that I am better and you are worse, that we are different, that I am worthless, that you are dangerous. If I think something and I hold on to it, it creates my reality. Thoughts can be silly, but they can be very scary. What you think often defines how you act and how you live.

But thoughts can change. They are mental, they are air, they are not stable. They can change. We can change them and they can change us.

As the Full moon waxes and the world continues to wage wars on many levels, I pray that we can align our thoughts. I pray that the lightning quick flash of Aquarius penetrates the deepest levels of our minds and sparks us to the truth: that we are all connected. We are all related. And not just us humans, but animals, plants, elements. We all were born of stars and fire and water and ice and air. The same little cell that crawled out of the oceans millions of years ago created everything that exists. Every moment that goes by that we remain ignorant to this fact, we suffer. We suffer ourselves and we inflict suffering. Sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. We have all changed shape since that cell, but looking different does not mean we are separate. Aquarius recognizes this. We all have our own minds and lives BUT there is something that links us eternally.

Leo warms the soul and Aquarius heightens the mind. May this full moon allow us each that moment of alignment, of remembering our unity on a mental, soul and cellular level. Think how life would change with that flash of knowing, if we just “got” it, if we just “knew” we were connected. How could we bear to see others suffer? How could we maintain this hierarchy of separateness within human and non-human realms? It would all change. Just. Like. That.

Full Moon, help us remember. Aquarius, help us remember. We must unify our thoughts and align the highest part of the mind. Our minds are our gifts and our curse. They hold the key to sustainability for our planet or the destruction. This is not the time to destroy. We can sustain. All it takes is a thought.

Blessings, love, peace and unity,