I hope you are having a great month so far! It was so great to see so many of you at the studio last week. Currently, I am in Hawaii about to begin our 10th annual Charka Retreat. It is so magical being on the Big Island and I love how easy and natural it feels to drop into the spirit of Aloha.

I’ve been to Hawaii many times and I always knew that ‘Aloha’ was a greeting used in Hawaii but up until a few years ago, I didn’t know that ‘Aloha’ meant ‘to share in the breath of life’ or the ‘presence of breath’ which of course we all share. This really deepened my understanding of the energy of the islands. Aloha is a way of living in harmony and treating each other with love and respect, sending and receiving positive energy to all we meet and greet.

This past week in teacher training, we talked a lot about the power of our words. What if we were to remind every person we saw or met on a daily basis that we are here together sharing in the breath of life simply with our hello?

The key to the practice of yoga and what sets it apart from many other practices is the continual focus on the breath. The way we breathe can tell us so much about the way we live. We get on our mat and start to put our body into peculiar shapes and while we do that, we pay attention to the breath and how it affects our mind and our body. The breath is the link between the two and by paying attention to it, we can learn a lot about ourselves. How and where does the breath move? Does it catch in certain poses? Which part of the breath do we find easier, the inhale or the exhale? Are there certain situations that cause the breath to become erratic?

It is through a long, smooth breath that the body can find both strength and flexibility and the mind can be very focused while at the same time, very relaxed. The breath is this magical phenomenon that happens whether we think about it or not. And all beings experience it. It is said to be the bridge between matter and spirit. It is our connection to the pulse of the universe in a never ending expansion and contraction, inhale, exhale. When we tune into the breath, we tune not only into the depth our own experience but also into the experience of all beings. We share in the breath of life.

May we all pay attention to our breath…this aloha spirit…this sharing of life!

We have lots of wonderful workshops, classes and events coming up…so please check it all out here and please save the date for our annual Holiday party on Saturday Dec 12th! Details coming soon.

With infinite love and gratitude…