13 Years

Happy March!

I hope you are doing well and enjoying the winter we are having here in SoCal 🙂

This weekend on March 4th, Yoga Blend will celebrate 13 years. WHAT?! On one hand it seems like we just opened a few years ago and on the other, it feels like Yoga Blend has always been there. It definitely seems that it has always been in my heart.

From the time I was a little girl, I felt Yoga Blend. Now, I had no idea what Yoga was or that I would ever even try Yoga and certainly didn’t know I would open a studio, but there was this feeling.

It’s hard to describe from where I was then…much easier from where I am now.

I used to ‘see’ or ‘feel’ things but not clearly. I would experience little moments, little sparks that I didn’t know what they were or where they were, but what I did know was that I wanted to live there. With that feeling. The one that felt like home.

There is a feeling state in Sanskrit called ‘bhavana’. Bhavana can be described as a feeling, an attitude or a state of mind. It can also be described as calling into existence, making something appear or manifestation through cultivating. I’ll repeat. Through cultivating.

We don’t just think something and poof it appears. We must nurture it, give it care and help it grow.

So, as I grew up, I would long for and be confused by this feeling that only showed up in glimpses. Once I discovered yoga, it was like I finally had the language and tools to start moving into that feeling state. Slowly, through cultivating.

My journey into what I wanted to feel, the attitude I wanted to have and what I wanted to call into existence was a long and arduous one. After 23 years of practicing yoga, 21 years of teaching, and 13 years since opening Yoga Blend, I can confidently say that it all makes sense NOW. Because here we are. And it feels like home.

Thank you to every single person who has ever walked through the doors of Yoga Blend: the teachers, the staff, the students and especially my husband and best friend, Jason. Everyone has created this amazing community that ‘feels’ like an extension of my heart.

Yoga gives us the tools. It is up to us to create the art. We have all made Yoga Blend the special work of art that it is. Through cultivating. Together.

From the depths of my heart to yours…thank you for an amazing 13 years.

With infinite love and gratitude…