11 Days. 11 Practices. 11 Years.

Join Christy and the Yoga Blend community for 11 days of sacred practices to celebrate our 11 year anniversary from February 24th-March 5th, 2016.

11 is considered a master spiritual number and we hope you will join us in celebrating this milestone with 11 daily intentional events from trance dance to sound to meditation and more.

Everyone is welcome to join all or even just one workshop. Thank you for being a part of our first eleven year journey!

BONUS: Anyone who attends 7 or more events will get either a one Month Unlimited or 11 Class Series for $111! Anyone who attends all 11 will receive the series discount as well as their choice of a select retail item.

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Wednesday Feb 24th 8:15-9:30pm $15
The Journey begins with Christy Marsden
An opening intention circle with an eclectic practice to begin our 11 day journey together

Thursday Feb 25th 7:15-8:45pm $15
Ganesha Flow with Nicole Honnig Eber
Remove obstacles through movement, myth, mantra, meditation and puja all dedicated to Ganesha

Friday Feb 26th 8-9:30pm $15
Chakra Exploration with Christy Marsden & Bekah Turner
We will dive deep into the sacred Chakra centers using sound, movement, mudra, meditation and more.

Saturday Feb 27th 8:30-9:30am $15
The Power of 11: Sun Salutes with Nicole Honnig Eber
Harness the strength, sweat and fun of 11 through an exploration of sun salutation A & B.

Sunday Feb 28th 8:30-9:30am $15
Shamanic Journey with Bekah Turner
Deep relaxation and healing through guided meditation to live drumming.

Monday Feb 29th 8:15-9:30pm $15
Chanting and Pranayama with Christy Marsden
Through these powerful practices we will focus our minds, open our hearts, and expand our life force energy

Tuesday March 1st 7:45-9:15pm $15
Breathing Circle Candlelight Flow with Christy Marsden
A guided breathing circle meditation with a luxurious, dreamlike flow enhanced by sound healing and tribal beats

Wednesday March 2nd 8:15-9:30pm $15
Lila: The Yoga of Divine Play with Marcy Johnson
Unlock your child-like sense of play in a fun class aimed at helping you release inhibitions and open to something greater

Thursday March 3rd 7:45-9:15pm $15
Sonic Flow with Arielle Silver and Darby Orr
A deep and joyous mixed level flow led by Arielle and accompanied by Darby’s live chilled-out electronica

Friday March 4th 8-9:30pm $15
Meditation in Motion with Christy Marsden
Fluid and intuitive movement set to rhythmic beats designed to immerse the mind, body and spirit deeply into the present moment

Saturday March 5th 4pm-6pm
Community Potluck (Free-other than a dish to share!)

Saturday March 5th 6-8pm $15
Kirtan with Daniel Stewart
Call and response style singing/chanting to connect us to the Divine within and without