10 Years Strong

March 4th marked Yoga Blend’s 10 year anniversary. Knowing that to be true, it is still hard to believe. As I reflect back on the past 10 years, I am filled with so many emotions so bare with me. I can honestly say it has been the the hardest, most challenging, most rewarding, and most amazing years of my life so far.

Back when I first started yoga 20 years ago, I knew right away that I wanted to teach and I started teaching a couple of years later. As I started teaching, I knew that I wanted to open a studio someday. Fortunately, I also knew that I still had a lot of personal work to do. If I was going to open a studio, I wanted to do it well and I will admit at that time, I was not well. So I waited. And I practiced. For 8 more years I dreamed of Yoga Blend and what it would look like and who would come and how we’d all feel and how fun it would be and how it would make a difference…somehow, someway, someday. Then finally, on March 4th, 2005, Yoga Blend opened its doors and now here we are a decade later.

With all that has changed over the years, there is one thing has remained constant and that is my love and gratitude for the practice of Yoga and how it has shaped so much of who I am what I stand for in all areas of my life. My intention has always been and always will be to simply share my love of the practice with anyone who wants to learn.

When I first imagined the yoga studio I would someday open, of course I imagined it being successful. Why would anyone want to open a business they thought would fail? However, my perspective at that time was based on my experiences up to that point and at that point, I didn’t have a frame of reference for just how wonderful it could be beyond simply successful. That word just doesn’t seem to quite capture the essence. I am blown away that Yoga Blend has become everything I ever imagined and so much more. It has exceeded my expectations on every level. I cannot even put into words how grateful I am to be able to write that.

Many of you have been with Yoga Blend since the very beginning and have grown up right along with us. You saw us go from a one room studio with no lobby and the bathroom in the back of the practice room to the place we are now. Some of you have just started coming. Regardless, if it weren’t for YOU showing up and filling our space, we would not be where we are today. If it weren’t for YOU being curious about this amazing practice and all that it has to offer, us teachers would have no one to share our passion for the practice with. If it wasn’t for YOU, Yoga Blend would not feel like the welcoming home that it is.

And if it wasn’t for my amazing husband, Jason, for standing by me, supporting me, encouraging me and believing in me, Yoga Blend simply would not be. So, thank you Jason for being the best partner I could ever hope for. I couldn’t have done any of this without you. Then, there are the managers, the teachers and the staff. I feel so very blessed to have the best of the best working at Yoga Blend. There are too many too list, but you know who you are and you have enhanced my life and what it means to be ‘boss’ (ha…that word cracks me up) in every way. Thank you.

It is so humbling to hear people say how much Yoga Blend has changed there lives…because this place has changed my life too. In every way. I am blown away every day by all of it. Yes, my husband and I started Yoga Blend yet every single person that works and practices at Yoga Blend are the ones who have kept it going the past 10 years. Thank you for believing in us. Thank for showing up and doing the work. Thank you for bringing your friends. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for being you. And thank you for your part in the best 10 years of my life so far.

There are not enough ‘thanks you’ in the world to express my gratitude…

Here’s to another great 10 years!

With infinite love and gratitude…
Christy (Jason and Clark)