Finding Center


I hope you’re enjoying the Spring. Our lives, just like nature, are changing all the time. As things happen or show up in our lives, we are quick to label them as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ Once that is decided, we either go towards something or we run from it. In the running towards or away, […]

Seva for Nepal

Yoga Blend’s Seva for Nepal: A Community project dedicated to those affected by the earthquake in Nepal. From May 1st through June 28th, Yoga Blend will be collecting donations for support efforts. Donate a class, cash or check to contribute to those who so desperately need it at this time. Yoga Blend teachers will also […]



Happy May! I hope you are enjoying your Spring and the blooming of life all around. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about expectations. Over the years, I have often heard (and maybe you have too) that we shouldn’t have expectations when we practice. Yet, we set goals for our future and of course we […]