Just keep practicing

Yoga Blend, Burbank, Christy Marsden

Happy middle of month! I hope you are living well and enjoying the coming of Spring and all the energy that comes along with it. I love this time of year and I also find it extremely challenging. When all the energy from the seed is bursting forth into creation, I have a hard time […]

Growth Takes Time

Yoga Blend, Burbank, Christy Marsden

Happy April! I hope your month is off to a great start. With Spring off and running, it is a great time to start taking action towards the seeds we planted during the winter but it is equally important that we be patient with what we are personally growing and not expect it to move […]

nicole eber

Nicole Eber Oct 2017-resize

Nicole has turned her practice into her life and work. She completed her first teacher training in 2007 and has been teaching full time ever since. Her personal practice and classes emphasize a heart opening practice that focuses on alignment. Nicole teaches 6 public classes a week, sees private clients, leads workshops and co-facilitates a […]

susan raglin

yoga blend, burbank

Susan has been a dancer all her life. She originally got involved with Yoga due to injuries she sustained from dance. She is now a certified Yoga Instructor and Therapist and a member of Samata International Yoga Center. She completed her Yoga Therapy certification training with Larry Payne, Ph.D. and has completed advanced training in […]

heather hudson beeber


Heather discovered yoga over 14 years ago and began teaching in 2007.  Heather’s curiosity and desire to “live life to its fullest” has led her to many different practices and philosophies which she integrates into her teachings.  Heather loves to guide students through a heart-centered inspiring flow that emphasizes breath, core strength, anatomy, kind observation […]

darby orr

yoga blend, burbank

Darby began his yoga journey years ago as a way of creating balance in his life amid career stress, long hours sitting in front of a computer and relationship changes. Through Yoga he developed physical strength and flexibility, mental focus and to his surprise, a renewed and joyous creative spirit. Inspired to share Yoga’s beautiful […]

sommer thome

yoga blend, burbank

Sommer first discovered yoga while she was immersed in the world of Contemporary Dance. Yoga offered a different was of thinking and moving and was an important part of her life and training. Sommer practiced for many years with Eoin Finn, in Vancouver, B.C. and is forever indebted to him for his teachings and playful […]

jamie bechtold (ford)

Jamie Ford

Jamie’s intention is to help people experience more joy in their daily lives. She does this through her passion for sound healing and movement. Jamie has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and completed the Yoga Blend 200 Hour Teacher Training in 2010 and 300 Hour Training in 2013.   Jamie also does sound […]

marcy johnson

Marcy Johnson

Marcy is a 500 Hour Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher with a passion for love and light. She approaches her classes with joy and playfulness, creating a warm and welcoming environment for all levels of practitioners. Her training in both asana (poses) and philosophy has given her a well roundedapproach that incorporates body, mind, heart […]

rose moran

yoga blend, burbank

Rose moved to Los Angeles from Australia in 2004. She began her yoga journey initially to help heal her painful joints, but discovered that the practice gave her so much more in return. Certified at the White Lotus Foundation in 2006 and a Thai Yoga Masseur, Rose enjoys a blend of styles and reflects this […]

susan quon


Susan is a recovered architect, a swimmer and Tai Chi practitioner. Dabbling in yoga classes since college for stress management and personal discipline she found her long term teacher, Rosanne Nicassio in 1990 and found a way out of the corporate world. Susan brings the concepts of foundation, structure and movement into her teaching. Susan’s […]

arjuna rice

yoga blend, burbank

Though his name may deceive you, Arjuna did not start his life in down dog. And while his Hare Krishna astrologer mom did introduce him to spirituality, it was Madonna who actually introduced him to yoga. (And he often says thank you through his playlist.) Then in 2006 when he finally took a class, Christy […]

courtney sauls

yoga blend, burbank

Courtney took her first yoga class as an elective her senior year in college with no expectations. With a background in theatre, she had always been fascinated with the linking of the breath and body. She realized how much more acquainted she had become with her body and breath through yoga and more than anything […]

kellie lupe-Smith

yoga blend, burbank

For 12 years Kellie has been a changeworker with a reach as varied as teens, celebrities and pro athletes, the deaf community and the very ill. Her unique background includes Yoga Blend’s 2009 teacher training, NLP, mindfulness meditation and advanced hypnosis. She is the creator of Hypno Yoga LA and owner of Burbank Hypnosis. Kellie […]

jennie powell

Jennie Powell, Yoga Blend, Burbank

Jennie Stubblefield was born and raised in Southern California and has been a Massage Therapist for seventeen years. She was mentored by her father, James, in the healing arts and was always encouraged to “learn ways to help yourself and then pass it on”. Jennie was first introduced to belly dancing fourteen years ago in […]

julia suh

Julia Suh

Julia became enamored with yoga in 2000 when she took her first class in the very small Montana town where she grew up. At that time she thought yoga was largely about being flexible and having good balance. Through the years her understanding of the practice grew, and yoga is now interwoven with her life […]

sandy comstock

sandy comstock

Sandy started doing yoga 6 years ago with the sole intention of increasing flexibility. Little did she know it would become part of her path and transform her life completely. In 2009, she completed Yoga Blend’s 200-hour Teacher Training and began teaching corporate yoga. Along the way, she studied under Yoga Blend’s Dana Chaisson and […]

emily lowry

Yoga Blend, Burbank

In 2009, Emily did yoga for the first time. Thinking she was in for a relaxing getaway in the desert with her dad and a bunch of hippies, she was unprepared for the spark that would ignite her deepest passions. Since that fated Yoga Blend retreat, her exuberance for life has multiplied and she has […]